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Wassily Kandinsky Dance Curves

Wassily #Kandinsky, „Dance Curves: On the Dances of Palucca“ (1926) Dancer and choreographer Gret Palucca (1902-1993) was a former student of Mary Wigman, the leading figure in German #Expressionist #dance. In 1925, Palucca opened her own dance studio in Dresden and developed close contacts with various #Bauhaus instructors, many of whom greatly admired her dance style.


Meisterhäuser Bauhaus Klee Kandinsky

Despite their reservations concerning the architecture Wassily and Nina Kandinsky were happy with the new quality of the Masters‘ Houses: „We couldn’t invite many people in Weimar because the flat was too small. Dessau changed that. Now, at last, we can ask our countless friends and acquaintances to visit us. Twice a year we let loose in our house: for New Year’s Eve we invited the Klee, Grote and Albers families. Muche and his wife were also on the guest list.“ The semi-detached houses of Kandinsky and Klee with their colourful internal decor and fittings made a complete contrast to the Gropius architecture. Kandinsky’s finished colour designs for the living room, his atelier and other rooms clearly show that he was interested in autonomous artistic spaces. The living room was furnished with older pieces that did not, for example, stem from the Bauhaus. The niche with its golden colour – arranged with sofa, carpet and painting – was a production of a very special type of space.The Kandinskys felt so at home in Dessau that they took out naturalisation papers. On 8 March 1928 Wassily and Nina Kandinsky received their German passports that finally gave them the chance to travel even outside Germany. © WH-Foto