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Vorkurs study under Josef Albers

Vorkurs study under Josef Albers: Turning two-dimensional sheets of #paper into three. Bauhaus 1928, Photo © Erich Consemueller.


Josef Albers teaches at Black Mountain College.

Josef Albers teaches at Black Mountain College. Bauhaus pioneer and post painterly abstractist Josef Albers is widely renowned for his experiments with and theories of colour, but what is less know is his ongoing exploration into black. A new exhibition at Waddington Custot Galleries is the first to shed light on this section of Albers‘ output, considering how – through a number of paintings, works on paper, glass works, photographs and engravings on vinylite – his monochrome experimentations in various media helped to inform his knowledge and understanding of colour. Here, in celebration of the show’s opening, we present our favourite facts about the German-born American artist alongside a brilliant selection of works from the display.