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Vorkurs study under Josef Albers

Vorkurs study under Josef Albers: Turning two-dimensional sheets of #paper into three. Bauhaus 1928, Photo © Erich Consemueller.


Walter Gropius – The Founder of Bauhaus

Walter Gropius – The Founder – The German architect Walter Gropius was blessed with a progressive mindset, but he had also found himself in a set of circumstances, combined with a bit of luck, which helped him conduct the innovative program for the Bauhaus school. To Walter Gropius, the sworn Modernist, ornamentation was a form of untruthfulness: “We want to create the purely organic building, boldly emanating its inner laws, free of untruths or ornamentation“. This principle has brought Bauhaus significant attention and unique identity, and so did its pro-industrial attitude (advocated by Gropius himself), clearly supportive of mass-production, for the sake of better realization, financial advancement and the unification of all arts. From the beginning to its end, Gropius was an eminent figure in the Bauhaus story – the founder, creator of the ideology, the first director, and finally, the architect of its iconic building in Dessau.