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Mies van der Rohe – TD Centre Toronto

Mies van der Rohe – TD Centre Toronto

Mies van der Rohe – TD Centre Toronto


Masters House Bauhaus

Even before the The Masters‘ Houses and the Bauhaus building itself were included on the #

UNESCO World Heritage List because of their unique cultural heritage there had been a world wide interest in the buildings designed by Walter Gropius.

Now the restoration and rebuilding of the historical buildings has been completed it is possible once again to get a complete impression of the ensemble, despite the fact that two of the original seven buildings are no longer there.

Photo © Ralph Graef


The Bauhaus building is regarded as a seminal work of European modernism. In the building the principles of functionalism are combined with a remarkable architectonic quality for which then pioneering materials like glass and reinforced concrete were used. Built as an institute of higher education, the building is a manifestation of the Bauhaus’ ideas. Beyond the architectonic significance with its radical new approaches, the site has a historically unique impact. Here, essential contributions were made to the revolutionary renewal of art, design and architecture in the twentieth century. The building is currently the seat of the #Bauhaus #Dessau #Foundation. Photo © Ralph Graef