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Kandinsky Portrait

Kandinsky Portrait © Santiago Crescimone


Wassily chair

The Wassily Chair, designed at the #Bauhaus in 1926 by Marcel #Breuer and produced today by Knoll, marks the beginning of #modern #furniture #design. One of the first furniture designs to make use of steel tubing the Wassily Chair’s elaborately shaped frame is combined with a leather upholstery that forms the seat and backrest. Breuer’s constructivist design radically presents its statics for all to see and thus connects aesthetics and function in a unique and innovative manner. Photo © Ralph Graef

Marcel Breuer and his Harem 

Marcel Breuer and his ‚Harem‘. Marta Erps-Breuer, Katt Both and Ruth Hollos-Consemüller, 1927.
The photo, taken by Consemüller, a student and photographer at the Bauhaus, captures the junior master Marcel Breuer around 1927. The title of the picture refers to the women standing next to him as Breuer’s ‘harem’. The women appear self-confident, with cool gazes and tousled shocks of short hair, and in modern dress. Marcel Breuer is looking at his companions sceptically, with his arms crossed. These are ‘my’ women?! © Klassik Stiftung Weimar / Bauhaus