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Farnsworth House

Lego by Mies van der #Rohe



Architecture oft Mies

Plan for a Brick House – 1924 – The Brick Country House project. Unbuilt. Possible location was #Neubabelsberg, Germany. With this projec he introduced a new idea of architectural space which would become knownas Miesian. Individual rooms are no longer the units of composition; instead individual wall planes are freely arranged and space flows continuously between them.


The Weissenhofsiedlung

LE CORBUSIER & MIES v.d. ROHE – The Weissenhofsiedlung is one of the most significant landmarks left by the movement known as „Neues Bauen”. The development was erected in 1927 as a residential building exhibition arranged by the City of Stuttgart and the Deutscher Werkbund. Working under the artistic direction of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, seventeen architects created an exemplary residential scheme for modern urban residents.