Johannes Itten – The Mystic

Johannes Itten – The Mystic – The last artist on the list was kind of an outsider among the Bauhaus circles, which is why he resigned and was replaced by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy in 1923. Itten’s participation in the genesis of Bauhaus lasted for a couple of years, but it was significant and long-lasting afterwards. The reason Itten didn’t really “fit in” was because his art became interrelated with spirituality at some point, which simply did not suit the age of industrialization that the Bauhaus supported, and it made Gropius and Itten go separate ways. Johannes Itten was the pioneering Bauhaus artist to deal with color in a thorough way, his book The Art of Color (1961) still being a relevant teaching book. His life-long research on color gave meaningful results, most of which are the basis of today’s learnings related to the connection between color and types of personality. Because of his fondness of the philosophy of the Far East and Oriental culture, Itten was not a very typical Bauhaus teacher. This could even make him the most interesting one, from today’s perspective.


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